Welcome to Creative Brain Week 2024 is now over and videos of the speakers programme will be available shortly..
Themes of Attention, Connect and Love (or when it is not enough) enabled artists and scientists, people with lived experience and practitioners to bring the best knowledge and expertise from across disciplines. They addressed the challenges of non-communicable diseases like Alzheimer’s, and complex issues like brain health, poverty and environmental impact.
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Events March 4th–9th 2024

March 4th

Opening Session

Celebrating activity inspired by or developing from last year’s event, and detailing the week ahead.

March 5th


How does it work? What do people pay attention to? What happens as attention changes?

March 6th


How are people connected and what to? What connections do people ignore and can connections be nurtured?

March 7th


How do neuroscientists and artists understand love, and is love enough to build global systems of care?

Monday – Saturday
March 4th – 9th

Creative & Associate Programme

Music, performance, visual art exhibitions, interventions and installations demonstrated the creative brain in action.

March to June – Various Dates


We are joined by colleagues from Australia, Botswana, Egypt and India who are leading inaugural Creative Brain Weeks in their own countries in 2024.