Creative Brain Week 2023 is now over.

The themes examined and explored this year were: Conflict, Imagination and Joy

Creativity is everyone’s asset. A both inherent and nurtured quality it adapts to context and opportunity.

  • What happens when creativity informed neuroscience is better aligned with neuroscience informed creativity?
  • Beyond creating to survive, can people create to thrive?
  • What lessons exist where conflict is transformed to care?
  • In these times of challenge can we move beyond repeating the flaws of inherited systems?

Videos of most of the sessions are available now – just click through to the summary of each day’s programme below.

Knowledge Making

Creative Brain Week – Knowledge Making connects brain science with creativity, sharing their exciting collisions. This book brings ideas from Creative Brain Week into print, read more.

Events March 6th–11th 2023

March 6th

Prologue to Creative Brain Week 2023

Leading figures from arts, science, social development and digital fields outlined the territory of Creative Brain Week alongside exhibition opening

March 7th

Theme of Day: Conflict

The lasting impact of conflict and the self in conflict.

March 8th

Theme of Day: Imagination

Imagination as bridge between Conflict to Joy. How do people know we can do better? Where does that capacity reside?

March 9th

Theme of the Day: Joy

The complexity of Joy. The simplicity of Joy. Is Joy where creativity and neuroscience align? How is this affecting people's lives? Where might the pursuit of Joy lead?

Monday – Saturday
March 6th – 11th

Creative Programme

Music, performance, visual art exhibitions, interventions and installations demonstrate the creative brain in action.