Creative Brain Week 2023 – online and in person events which will explore and celebrate how brain science and creativity collide to seed new ideas in social development, technology, entrepreneurship, wellbeing and physical, mental and brain health across the life cycle. A pioneering event illustrating innovation at the intersection of arts and brain science, including creative approaches to health.

In person events will take place once again in the Naughton Institute, Trinity College Dublin, and were fully ticketed.  Tickets are free but have to be booked in advance to guarantee your place.

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The contents of this site are an archive of the 2022 Creative Brain Week which took place 12th – 16th March 2022.

Events March 2022 Archive Links below

12th March

Creative Brain 101

Leading figures from arts, science, social development and digital outline the territory of Creative Brain Week alongside exhibition opening.

13th March

Business and Innovation – The Creative Brain in Action

Business and development, neuroscience and creativity, business and care. Contributors from Singapore to USA connect with Irish innovation.

14th March

Creativity with Neuroscience

Creativity is the signature capacity of the human brain. How is creative knowledge made? Where does biology become imagination? How does it nurture early years development, support late life flourishing?

15th March

The Creative Brain on Arts, Health & Wellness

Inspirational leaders and extraordinary practitioners explore where health care becomes art form.

16th March

Creativity, Neuroscience and Equity

Creative brains solve problems. Neuroscience and creativity building a better tomorrow. Extraordinary real time case studies from across the globe.

From 12th to
16th March

Creative Programme

Music, performance, visual art exhibitions, interventions and installations demonstrate the creative brain in action.

A heady mix of World-Leading Neuroscientists, Educationalists,

Health Policy Makers, Artists and Innovators

exploring the brain and creativity.


Creative Brain Week

is a Global Brain Health Institute innovation

at Trinity College Dublin, presented in association with

the Healing Arts Initiative of WHO

and with support from the Atlantic Institute.